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Naveen Andrews Biography and Height – Age, Career, Salary, and Net Worth!

This article contains information about Naveen Andrews’s net worth, biography, wife, age, height, and weight, amongst other things. In 2022, British-American actor Naveen Andrews has a net worth of $12 million. His actual name is Naveen William, Sidney Andrews, but his stage name is Naveen Andrews. He is one of the most well-known figures in the English cinema business and has worked in this sector for many years. Sayid Jarrah, the character he portrayed in the television series Lost, helped him achieve recognition. He appeared in these television series between 2004 and 2010. It was one of his most successful endeavors during his career.

He has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award and the Primetime Emmy Award for his role in this series, which the audience has praised. He is also a Screen Actors Guild Award winner. Throughout his career, he has contributed to several top-rated television programs. In 2014, he also provided his voice for the video game Far Cry 4, where he portrayed the character Sabal. Recently, he portrayed Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani in the television drama The Dropout and garnered praise for his performance.

Naveen Andrews’s Net Worth

The net worth of the famous British-American actor “Naveen Andrews” is $12 Million. According to several internet references (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg), the estimated net worth of the most popular British-American actor, Naveen Andrews, is around $12 million. Throughout his career in this sector, Naveen Andrews has captivated audiences with his exceptional acting abilities.

As a result of his work on the television series Lost, he has amassed a substantial net worth and established a successful career, allowing him to participate in several noteworthy projects. In addition, he could command substantial remuneration for his film and television roles. This play helped him advance in his profession since it was one of his most successful productions.

Naveen Andrews Net Worth

Increase in Naveen Andrews’s Net Worth

He has earned substantial money through his film and television career. He won honors for his acting abilities. Naveen Andrews’s principal source of income is the price he charges for his appearances in movies and television shows. He also charges a considerable amount of coffee for his television appearances, which are also one of his sources of revenue. According to estimates, this actor earns millions of dollars annually through performing.

The life story of Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews was born on January 17, 1969, and is 53. He was born in the Greater London area of Lambeth, England. People refer to him by his stage name, Naveen Andrews, rather than by his given name, Naveen William Sidney Andrews. He was raised in Wandsworth Methodist by his well-established parents, Nirmala, a former psychologist, and Stanley Andrews, a businessman. His parents were born and raised in Kerala, India. He spent his youth in Wandsworth with his parents.

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Young began his career in the film business with tiny roles in films and plays. From 1985 through 1991, he was romantically involved with Geraldine Feakins. Additionally, he has a son named Jaisal Andrews, born in 1992. In 1998, he had a romantic connection with Barbara Hershey. He is currently one of the most successful actors, having been in several blockbuster films and television series.

Career and Honors for Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews began his acting career in 1991 when he was cast in Hanif Kureshi’s film London Kills Me. The Guildhall School of Music and Theatre, where he has enrolled to study acting and drama, has chosen him. Additionally, he portrayed Kip Singh in The English Patient. He has appeared in several films, such as Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, Bride, Prejudice, and Mighty Joe Young. He has also provided his voice for the part of Sabalin in the 2014 video game Far Cry 4.

In 2004, when he was cast as Sayid Jarrah on the television series Lost, he experienced one of the most significant turning moments in his career. His efforts in this television series and his acting talents have been praised. He worked for a considerable amount of time till 2010. It was this endeavor that earned him industry and audience prominence. Additionally, he has been nominated for the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Awards. His actions earned him the Screen Actors Guild Award.


Naveen Andrews has graduated from the Emanuel School with a high school diploma. He has also been involved with the 30-year-old maths instructor. He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama as well.

Frequent Requested Information

What is Naveen Andrews’s net worth?

The overall net worth of Naveen Andrews is around $12 Million.

What is Naveen Andrews’s age?

The current age of Naveen Andrews is 53 (January 17, 1969).

How much does Naveen Andrews earn?

It is believed that Naveen Andrews makes $1 Million every year.

What does Naveen Andrews’s height measure?

Naveen Andrews is 1.75 meters (5′ 9″) tall.

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