The Moving Averages are Saying Buy Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:GEOS)’s Shares

Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:GEOS) has returned 18.72074883 after closing at $—  in the recent session.  The stock is looking to return closer to the 52-week high of $16.92.

Many investors may strive to be in the stock market when the bulls are running and out of the market when the bears are in charge. Investors often use multiple strategies when setting up their portfolios. Some may rely solely on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination of both. Investing can be an extremely tough process. Individual investors often strive to gather and analyze vast amounts of information in order to make educated decisions. Often times, investors may have initial success in the stock market, and then things may turn sour. Confidence may be necessary to make the tougher decisions, but overconfidence may lead to an underperforming portfolio. Overconfidence may cause the investor to make poor decisions because they are relying too heavily on personal interpretations.

Taking a look at some key pivot levels we note that the one month Pivot Woodie support stands at 12.22 while 1-month resistance level is at 13.58.  On the other hand shares would see support at the 1-month pivot woodie of 12.22 and resistance at 13.58.  One of the key differences in calculating Woodie’s Pivot Point to other pivot points is that the current session’s open price is used in the PP formula with the previous session’s high and low.

Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:GEOS) ran 1.32978723 after opening at $15.05.  15145 shares traded hands for the 207464444 market cap company.  

Diving into some additional pivot points we note that the Fibonacci S1 stands at 12.05048 while the R1 resistance number is 13.08952.  The S1 Camarilla pivot is 12.70533333 while the R1 resistance is 12.95466667.  The Demark Pivot is as follows: R1 resistance is 13.655 while S1 support is 12.295.

Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:GEOS) shares hit a high of 15.315 within the past month while touching a low point of 11.61 over the past 30 days. 

Turning to simple moving averages, Geospace Technologies Corporation, the below chart outlines the current numbers:

10-Day Simple Moving Average: 14.1985 
20-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.333 
30-Day Simple Moving Average: 12.93033333 
50-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.1184 
100-Day Simple Moving Average: 14.211832 
200-Day Simple Moving Average: 14.042148

Consensus Rating: Strong Buy

Turning to Bollinger Bands, the upper 20 band holds at 15.39964801 while the lower is currently 11.26635199.  The average volume over the past 3 months is 84117.61111 compared to the 10-day average of 67270.3.

Other moving averages that have been taken into consideration in order to try to figure out the potential direction of the shares include the Hull Moving Average.  The Hull MA currently reads 15.30364815.  The Positive Directional Indicator is at 34.5539298.  The volume weighted moving average stands at 13.46189899.  

Changing lanes over to oscillators, we see that the Aroon Up oscillator is currently 100 while the Aroon Down shows 21.42857143.  These are useful in determining if a reversal might be in the near future.  Given the Ultimate Oscillator number of 78.20337804 and Parabolic SAR number of 14.32954157, combined with other variables, Geospace Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:GEOS) places the shares on investor’s notable watchlists.

When dealing with the stock market, investors may seek to make trades that will limit regret and create a sense of pride. Often times, investors may be challenged with trying to figure out the proper time to sell winners or let go of losers. Of course, nobody wants to sell a winner if it looks like there may be more profits to be had. On the other hand, nobody wants to hold on to a loser for so long that severe losses pile up. Investors often need to assess their own appetite for risk. Some may be able to stomach large swings on a daily basis. Others may not be able to take the volatility when dealing with riskier investments. Risk decisions may be made on past outcomes, and investors who have experienced previous profits and gains may be more likely to take a bigger risk in the future. Those who have only seen substantial losses may be more risk adverse in the future. 

Investors will be closely watching to see if the firm can move towards the $113.73 time high as the Bull Bear Power number stands at 2.20432934.  

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